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Shape the future of Ocean County AMUBCS by attending local events, meetings, and giveaways.

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Support us in our efforts to create mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

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Every AmTryke makes a difference. Find out how our Trykes are changing peoples lives.

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Creating Mobility and Independence for People with Disabilities

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Who we are

Ocean County AMBUCS is a chapter of the national service organization, AMBUCS, composed of a diverse group of men and women dedicated to creating mobility and independence for people with disabilities.

What we do

Our primary purpose is to provide the AmTryke® therapeutic trike to children & others who are otherwise unable to ride a regular bike. We fundraise through friedns and family, local businesses and show up to Ocean County festivals.

How we do it

Once a therapist evaluates and sizes a person for a tricycle, they will be placed on our AmTryke® Wish List. Separately, the chapter raises funds through donations and charity events to provide funding to fulfill the needs of those on the AmTryke® Wish List.

Our Work

Ocean County AMBUCS held our inaugural Bike Day event in March 2012. Check out highlights from our two largest Bike Fits!

Warning: This video may cause you have spontaneous and joyous tears and may result in your membership with our wonderful organization.

View the Bike Fit 2012 and Bike Fit 2015 highlights